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  1. What is a Gibralter?

    A Gibralter is a hard piece of candy whose origins date back to 1806. It is made of sugar, water, cream of tartar (an emulsifier), and either oil of lemon or oil of peppermint. They have only ever been made in those two flavors. When it is made a majority of the batch is pulled like a taffy in order to aerate the candy. This is what gives the Gibralter its signature melt-in-your mouth texture, and well as its chalky-white color. A small portion is left un-pulled and stays clear and shiny. We use this to make a stripe across the center of the candy. It is then stretched across a long table and cut with large scissors into diamond-shaped pieces.

  2. What is Penuche Fudge?

    Penuche is fudge made with brown-sugar, and is usually only found in the New England area. It is a very sweet fudge similar to maple sugar candy, but has a rich brown sugar flavor. It is believed to have originated at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts.

  3. What exactly is Blackstrap Molasses? 

    Blackstrap molasses is simply the by-product of refining sugar cane into table sugar. It is obtained after the third reduction of the sugar syrup, and is very dark and viscous. It is bittersweet and used in making gingerbread and baked beans. Unlike other sweeteners, blackstrap molasses is high in iron and contains Calcium, Copper, Magnesium, Manganese and Potassium.

  4. Is there any other way to order your products?

    Yes, you may call our Salem location at (978)745-2744 to place an order for any of the items you either saw on our website or if the product you wish to purchase is not listed in our online store. You may order a custom box of chocolates, inquire about gift ideas, and even work with one of our associates to create a custom gift basket.

  5. What is the shelf-life of your chocolates? Fudge?

    Solid chocolate may last up to one year, while filled chocolates only last up to six months. Our fudge will only last between 2-3 weeks as it is made of fresh cream and butter. While these are both approximations, environment does also play a role in shelf-life. If you have any question regarding the freshness of your product please contact us and we will gladly answer any other questions you may have.

  6. How should I store my chocolates and/or fudge?

    Chocolates may be stored at room temperature, so long as the temperature does not exceed 68°F. Once this temperature is reached your chocolates will begin to melt. Putting chocolate in the refrigerator is highly discouraged for two reasons. The first one being that chocolate will pick up the taste of any other item in the fridge that has a strong aroma (i.e. fish, garlic, etc…). The second reason being that chocolate will either turn white due inconsistent temperature changes, or develop white dotting which is crystallization due to condensation. Fudge, will dry up on the edges and get hard if refrigerated.

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